Kate Hadden has been in marketing and design for over 15 years, dedicating her career for the past few years solely to visual design – the aspect of marketing that she has always loved best.


Kate has a BA from Duke University, and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School.  Much of her experience and knowledge has been gained through hands-on learning.  She loves having the opportunity to discover what her clients’ needs are, and how she can help them visualize and communicate those in unique and creative ways.

Kate’s design process is collaborative and experimental – she approaches each project with an eye for trying something new.  Her clients are her partners – she works with them to create clean, modern, high quality and effective pieces that enhance their visual communications and elevate their brands.

Marketing Materials (Brochures, Postcards, Presentations, Ads etc.)0%
Digital Assets0%
Website Design0%
Email Design0%
Logo / Brand Identity Design0%